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Author Ericka Evren has crafted a gripping narrative that immerses the reader in a richly detailed universe teeming with danger and uncertainty, offering an enthralling sci-fi ride filled with suspense, intrigue, and complex character dynamics.  The pacing is brisk, keeping the twists coming but also leaving some great moments for suspense to build and uncertainty and tension to seep into Kaytrix’s mind.

Readers’ Favorite ~ K. C. Finn

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New from Ericka Evren

One man holds the key to extinction. Or survival.

After the fall of the Archarian race, the Dexsortes galaxy is in ruins. The Nevo have destroyed and enslaved all who resist them. Only one small glimmer of hope remains.

Kaytrix is alive. Deserted, with his memory compromised, Kaytrix searches for answers to his lost past, unaware the Nevo are hunting him.

Finding refuge in a battered ship with its crew of misfits, revelations of his identity arise, causing conflict. Will Kaytrix’s shaky friendships help him prevail? Or will they be the ones to tear him apart?

Time is running out. Even as his memory returns, something is taking over his body. If he can’t stop it, he will fail the galaxy. He already failed once. He can’t let that happen, not again. Even if it means losing his own life.


Action packed sci-fi read
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Ericka Evren's book 2 of the Archarian Series: Echoes of Destiny had me hooked from the beginning. I found her ability to capture the crew of Dauntless and their chemistry to be creative and realistic. The worlds she built were from beautiful to horrifying. I only realised how addicted to the story I was, when my Kindle run out of battery. I was desperately trying to get it back on and felt a massive disappointment when the device wouldn't turn right back on even after plugged to a charger.
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The Start of a new Space Adventure

Mission of the Ro’arck is the first book in the sci-fi Archarian series written by E. Evren.

This space opera explores a galaxy with a villainous evil lord and a space commander who dares to defy the odds.

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Daniel House
Daniel House
Great Space Adventure
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Great worldbuilding: I love the glossary given before the book starts as a reference point. Something I haven’t seen. Each species was defined well. The political and governmental structures were well written and comprehendible. Family Relationship: The main character, Kaytrix, has such great interactions with his parents. Very similar to how a soldier comes home for a season and leaves off for his next assignment. The love and care that these three show is much appreciated. Sometimes, it’s nice to read family dynamics without any complicated drama. Romance is done well: The romance between Kaytrix and Nat was kept simple and didn’t stagnate the plot. The twist in this subplot was definitely a surprise and left me floored (in a good way). Fights, high stakes, and a jaw-dropping ending that leads right into the next book.

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Archaria has stood for millennia.

But nothing lasts forever.


The Archarian Alliance is under attack. A merciless enemy has emerged with technology and weapons that rival their own. Their vendetta is clear: destroy the Alliance.

The Archarian council selects Kaytrix to command their best starship, the Ro’arck, to defend the Alliance, but there’s another reason they chose him.

During the rising chaos, Kaytrix uncovers a deadly secret, one that could destroy Archaria and the Alliance before the enemy has a chance to.

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